Public Policy and Advocacy Issues

One of the ways AAUW embraces its mission statement of advancing equity for women and girls is through the Public Policy Program. When AAUW lends its name to pertinent issues concerning education, civil rights, economic security, and Title IX, a voice of equality is heard. Public Policy involvement is also how AAUW members remain updated on today’s current and important issues. For information and the most effective course of action concerning current issues supported by AAUW, click on the links below.

For additional information on how to become involved, see AAUW’s 2-Minute Activist resource and the Action Alert Newsletter.

Civil Rights

Economic Security


Title IX

The stance AAUW takes on these issues is based on a quest for equality, individual rights, social justice, and a set of principles for action. AAUW is a pro- choice organization that firmly believes in separation of church and state. The organization opposes all forms of discrimination and believes a quality educational system is the basis of a democratic society. Finally, AAUW supports the arts and humanities while promoting the economic, social, and physical wellbeing of all persons. For a more information about our Principles for Action, please visit the organization’s Public Policy Program Brochure.